The Cycle of a book

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Every time I’m reading a book I go through the same cycle: 1) feeling uncertain and trying to understand the plot, 2) can not get enough of it, 3) worrying that it’s getting to an end and I’ll be left orphan, 4) Dreaming with the characters of the book after the end and trying to figure out what was left for them.

Of course, those are for the books I enjoy reading. There are cases that I cannot wait for the end because the book is so boring… Even when I’m bored to hell I still keep reading. I finished most of the books I started. Few time I gave up. I gave up on Jobs… I could not tolerate going back through parts of his life I already read just because the author wants to introduce another portion of his life. I would mind if he showed a different light on what he has already said, but pure repetition was getting annoyed. I guess at some point I will try to finish it. It is hard to me to completely give up on a book. But once it happen that after 2 chapters I decided I would not read it anymore. I read through a lot of unlikeliness on a book and tolerate quite well. I’m not the type to be so critical that end up destroying the enjoyment. But that particular book seemed so silly, like a teenager with very little skill had written the book. I will not mention the name here because some people may like. I do not hold the truth in terms of book quality or enjoyment. What works for me may or may not work for others.

Anyway, I have a very high tolerance for books and that’s maybe why I keep reading. Most of them transport me to a different place in between real life/fantasy world. But reading is probably not accurate for me anymore…. I am listening.

Does listening to Audiobook count as Reading?

My husband thinks it does not classify as reading, and it probably don’t. When I was a lot more arrogant than I am now, I though that if someone is listening to a book this person is being lazy. I changed my mind. Definitely it deals with different senses. And I’m listening to books not because I’m too lazy to read, but because I can make my commute time a lot more productive.

I still count as “reading” a book since the end result is that you get to know what the author wanted to say.

How about you? Do you think that listening to audio books is not the same as reading? Why?