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Resilience that lies within

Drawing from the experiences of an imaginative child, growing up in Brazil, I use the stories I create myself as the inspiration for my paintings.  The organic shapes come from my early contact with nature, climbing on avocado trees and rolling down hill, exploring a garden full of flowers of different shapes and colors of my aunt's backyard. I was in comfortable with nature and that ignite different emotions depending on the textures I saw and touched.


I also had a dark side. An impression of impeding doom. A need for survival. And the belief that if I resisted pain and prevailed, I could transform this darkness into a garden like my aunt's. 

I combine my imagined stories, my demons of a dystopian world and my belief in transformation to develop my paintings.

The beginning is a random collections of moments. Anything goes.  Collage papers, images from magazines, my own photos from places traveled, discarded sketches, pieces of a song's lyric, expressive mark making and whatever I fancy on the day to spark the development layers and layers of visual and physical texture that build on each other to tell a story.


The final painting is an act of experimentation and patience that if being resilient enough will slowly clarify its purpose to describe something that only I could see but needed to be out there.

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Each moment of existence is an invitation to explore duality, discover authenticity, and find balance from life's intricate tapestry. 

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